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Act of God

According to Webster dictionary: Act of God is a term that connotes “all acts of nature”. This is not caused or its happenings controlled by humans, be it volcanoes, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, or any cataclysmic materialization of a disaster.

I guess, if people understand that nature is God and God is nature, that is why they coin the events as “Act of God”,  a singular term for pluralistic implication, maybe due to the many factors involved, whether due to the nature of the catastrophe or the combined elements bringing about the occurrence.

When humans can not, with their limited knowledge and resources, fully comprehend the explainable or prevent it, they hide behind the Almighty God, the Creator of the nature, in a naked display of resignation, submission and awe, totally helpless with wide open mouths and crossed eyes in bewilderment and shock.

If this is an Act of God, so is conception of a baby, expiration of life, heterosexuality, marriage, tolerance, charity and benevolence. If you believe in abortion, homosexuality, immorality, hatred, violence and destruction, read the writing on the wall by the Hand of God in any Act of God.

Since humans can not fully discern the global destruction, the rampant violence plaguing our societies, the constant killing of innocent people, the epidemic suffocating our existence, how can they fully understand, justify or explain why these elements take place, or why an innocent baby, a promising teenager, a young beloved spouse or kin suffers or dies.  Before you dare to question the wisdom of the Creator, Who has the foreknowledge, start admitting your myopia and inadequacy as well as examining your attitudes and aptitudes, faith and beliefs.

Politicians and evolutionists may mock any and all of human values and godly beliefs that are instilled in every heart, but they are the first to accuse Him of the calamities falling over the world.

Politicians and opportunists vomit criticism against religious institutions, but they are the first to ask for their help, after an Act of God has taken place, as if to tell them, your God caused it and you are responsible.

Fortunately, Act of God occurrences prove to bring people together in love, in harmony and unity without the defiant politicians’ cold morality, callous hearts, blurred visions and self-asserting rhetoric.

By an Act of God, this Universe has been created, and by an Act of God, this Universe is reacting, and by an Act of God, this Universe will see its depletion.

So if you have ears to hear,

And you are in:                                   The Will Of God

You will be spared:                     The Eternal Wrath Of God

In the midst of any:                                    Act of God