About me !?!

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On the outside as much as on the inside, I am a whole person, a one person, a human phenomenon, in which God’s creative handy-work has manifested in the most artistic and nifty fashion. I am also blessed by being called a child of the Living God in Jesus Christ.

However, “Me, Myself and I” had a lifelong meeting and we unanimously agreed to disagree. Thus, together or separately, we may laugh or cry; we may engage or disengage, we may create or destroy, and we may compete, acquiesce or condescend.

We may seem acting classically and dependently, yet we portray an epicurean, schizoid and schizophrenic triune that continually sways and oscillates, often adopting dimensions of abulia, amentia and amnesia.

Together, they confirm my oneness and wholesomeness, yet, separately and alternatively, they subject my world to natural extremes of heaven and hell.

I am deeply grateful to my unlettered parents, who had infused in me the great value of
” love your God and love your neighbor ” . From my humble yet honorable upbringing, I acquired the fear of God to respect my fellow humans, to honor my duty, to live by the sincerity of thoughts and deeds, and finally, to appreciate the unmatched gratification that it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

Being a Spirit, Soul and Body, my triune ” me, myself and I ” take turns in pushing the limits of my creativity by exciting my mind, soul and taste. The arid terrain of my unliterary line of breadwinning work and business is devoid of literary scope and span but properly represents the ” me ” of the triune, while the literary world of poetry, prose and sketching are forever exclusively the tenets of myself . Me and myself are the mirrors through which the I shines, and collectively known as:


Although one lives on an individual and unique island of created imagery, emotion, surprise, suspense, discovery, interpretation and communication; no man is an island by himself. We live here estranged until we reach our eternal resting place beyond this earth and this world. As all writers, I subject the beauty of the words of this world I live in to reflect the beauty beyond it. I live in this world but I write from out of it and beyond. My works are works of labor of love; endeavors of baring and sharing, toils of discovery and delivery, tasks of education and edification, missions of reaching and teaching, and finally visions of enlightenment and development.

This site is my humble multifaceted contribution to my family, circle of friends and the world, especially dedicated to those who love … fall in love … appreciate love … honor love … and most importantly