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Short Meditations

The Bible


For a book to be a best-seller, it should not just be dictated by the number of copies it has sold, because that depends on the readers’ preference of the subject matter, due to the fact that the marketability of certain books does not establish or command the guidelines of the usefulness of those books, as they target the consumer mostly in the leisure than the wisdom and knowledge realms.

Most books are ephemeral in contents; few succeed to continue the journey with no regard to seasons or times.  Most books deal with one subject at one time, be it religion, science, mathematics, statistics, facts, fiction, and social or historical issues, etc.

A book should confer wisdom, insight, life, vision, purpose and reason, if not, it is no more than chicken scratch; also a book should allow you to stand before the magistrates, kings, sages, historians, to question their wisdom, to converse with them, to debate their views and actions, if not, it is no more than a marble bouldered tomb stinking with death.

One Book only withstood the tests of time, the progress of knowledge, the vision of philosophies, the stringency of cultures, the color of races, the follies of the myths, and the shallowness of the stature.

This only Book contains the health and the wealth, the knowledge above university and college, wisdom for any governing body, vision for the right decision, light for daily insight, greatness in meekness, guide for smooth ride, piety of deity, divinity of humanity, grace with saving face, forgiveness for the guilty, propitiation through salvation, life in strife, and love from above.

The Author of this Book is the Almighty God, hence the reference: The Holy Book, the Bible: The Book of books: the complete encyclopedia of humanity. One volume of 73 (66) glorious Books chronicle His Love, His Mercy and His Statutes, and contain within their leafs and on every line the Word of life, signed and sealed by the Creator himself, with the Cross, all through, as its insignia, for His plan of total forgiveness and redemption, and personally autographed as a gift for the only life to be: The Eternal Life.

To this day, it is the best-seller ever, as the spiritually hungry and thirsty all over the globe, delves into its pages to seek knowledge, comfort, solace, solution, guidance, atonement and salvation.

People, in some countries, risk their life to get a bible, and they are satisfied if they get a page of this Holy Book, to read and cherish. As on its pages, the Creator, Himself and in Person, is talking to and communicating with you and I, the creature. The Lord, all through the pages, is asking you personally to invite Him into your heart and home and life, so that you will live through His life, by His Life and in His Life, casting all your cares on Him. Jehovah God, with all His Might, Sovereignty and Glory, is reaching out to you to be a lamp to your body and soul and spirit.

All through its pages, you will experience the real awe for the Good News, as you learn how to engrave its commandments on your heart, and then it will guide your journey and devotion. As you have personally invited Him into your life, for which the reward is peace of mind and heart in this life. He will, one day, also personally receive you into His Kingdom to share in the everlasting Glory of His Eternal Life.

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